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The following product reviws are a part of the Helping Hands Write-off organized
by bgoodday. All money earned by these reviews donated to various charities chosen
by the individual writers. Additionally, I will be donating 10 cents per unique visitor
to this page from now through December 20 toward Christmas gifts for a needy family
in my area. Please help someone in need by reading as many of these reviews as possible.
I'd like to offer a special thank you to all these wonderful participants who have
so generoulsly donated their time and talents to help those in need:

Helping Hands Writeoff - Writers are giving all proffits to various charities to help those in need. Please read as many product reviews as possible and help us make a diference in the lives of the needy. Each author has chosen which charity to donate to, but all are donating 100 percent of profits toward their chosen charity. Some are also matching contributions to their chosen charity. Please lend a helping hand to those in need.

alwaysstubborn Coping With Death
Give A Helping Hand By Using Your Hands!
amykhar Avantgo
Avanto Brings the Web to My iPAQ - Even Without a Modem
argonut Broadway > Seussical
Helping Hands: Singin’ about Seuss
bgoodday Family Values
I Am Only One Man And I Cannot Change The World!
bluehawq General Comments on
RE: Helping Hands Write-Off (Proof of a Community that Bonds)
bluesky2 Family Values
So this is Christmas ... (the Helping Hands write-off)
bmcnichol Chinese Checkers
Chinese Checkers- Helping Hand WO
bops_mom Chain Restaurants > Papa Murphy's
Great "home made" pizza without the work (Helping Hands W/O)
broadwaybaby Family Values
"Live each day as if it were your last"
bunnyjav Grad School
Gritting your teeth, biting your tongue and other more fun activities...
***The Helping Hands Writeoff***
caleo Web Hosts >
Free and easy websites with
canne Family Values
A Gift of Hope and Love (HELPING HAND WRITE-OFF)
ceeJay62 Fisher Price
A Great Adventure in FUN!
cntaur5 Fatherhood
conradd True Temper Scuffler Scuffle Hoe
Scuffling off to hoe my row (Helping Hands Write-off)
dani257 Movies > Under the Piano
It's Rain Man with Chicks! -Helping Hands Write Off
dannyzmom Children & Cats
Helping Hands Write Off: Who Bit my Tushy?!?!
darkmistress Books > Dust to Dust
Police Procedural at Its Peak: Helping Hands Write Off
diverpam Caring for Aging Parents
A Little Bit of Caring Can Make a Huge Difference
dreamcatcher39 Family Values
Teach your children the VALUE of the season (Helping Hands WO)
dunkjam Baby Smartronics Count-with-Me-Kitty
Brooklyn Learns To Count With Count-with-me-kitty!
emeleel Pooh Splash 'n Bubble Treehouse
I wish I'd bought one sooner ~*A Helping Hands Review*~
francesca57 Hartmann Intensity 22 Mobile Traveler
Helping Hands Write-Off - Hartmann Luggage
frani49 Baracuda Alpha 3 Pool Cleaner
What a timesaver (Helping Hands WO)
gracef Books > Armadillo Tattletale
Armadillo Tattletale and the what-for, how-come, and why-not
grumpifrog Parcheesi
I'm Going Home (Helping Hands Write Off)
gypsyrose75 Family Values
Ice Cream Truck Lessons (Helping Hands WO)
jcellis Books > The Dropas
The Dropas, Book One: Breaking Through the Walls
jenni1396 Music > Greatest Hits, Vol 3 1982-89
Chicago Will Give Your Life More Inspiration W/ Their Music!
jimdaisy Buying a Car > Cars vs. SUV's
Why on Earth do I have an SUV? (Helping Hands Write Off) Glory the Bear - Retired
Beanie, Beanie On The Wall: Decide The Fairest Of Them All
joubert George Washington Memorial Parkway
The Road That George Built - Helping Hands Writeoff
katetpz Books > Rough Draft
Rough Draft: A Very Appropriate Title
kelly60 Shape-O Toy
Tupperware Shape-O-Ball (Epinion’s Helping Hands Write-Off)
kimmiekg After-School Activities
You've Got To Be Kidding....You Want Me To Volunteer To Do What?
(Helping Hands WO)
kristennc Diet Programs > Eat More, Weigh Less
Send me money instead! The scoop on the Hawaii Diet...
kyhiera Dealing with Divorce
Drug Addiction & Family: part of Epinion’s Helping Hands Write-Off
lildev Scooby Doo Mystery Machine Pull Case
Mom I Am Traveling With The Gang"Helping hands write off"
maddi Pacifiers & Security Blankets
A Child's Best Friend....Epinion’s Helping Hands ~*~Write-Off~*~
meanbeast Books > Dilbert Future: Thriving on Stupidity in the 21st Century
Scott Adams Turns Fortuneteller ~ Helping Hands Write-Off
merlot Camcorders > Sony CCD-TRV67
You oughta be in pictures (Helping Hands WriteOff)
mimi369 Working Fathers
Why I Decided to "ADOPT" Chris and his Family... Helping Hands Write-Off
mmounsey Inexpensive Gift Ideas
Helping Hands Write-Off: Holiday Gifts
monicaL2me Sesame Street Magic Talking Kermit the Frog
Hi-ho Kermit the Frog here. Won't you Give a Helping Hand?
mskills Software > Cruis 'N USA
Cruis 'N to disaster [Helping Hands Write-Off]
mspooh5 Disciplining Your Child
Discipline, what is right & wrong Helping Hands Write-Off
MumMumMum Five Gifts I'd Like
Sweet Dreams Are Made of This! (Helping Hands Write Off)
pambo Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Remember/Joining the Helping Hands Project
pantazis5 Autos > 1990 Geo Prizm
pianomam Family Values
The Giving Tree -- If Not For The Grace of G-d ... *write-off*
prepoia Magazines > All > Working Mother
Helping Hands/ Working Mother
rmartin_cpa Books > Best Places to Stay in Mexico
Best Places to Stay in Mexico: A Comprehensive Guide
roadiem Holy Bible
Helping Hands writeoff: You can't get better help than this
shanny21 Things to Know About
Things I wish I would have known in the beginning
soxfan Books > Primary Colors
"Helping Hands" Writeoff: "Primary Colors" gets my vote
sugarbugg23 Missouri > Jefferson City
HHWO: What nobody has written about this yet?
suzig Family Values
Little Man with a Big Heart...(Helping Hands Write-Off)
taurusmoon Books > Rainbow Goblins
A Feast for the Eyes. A Snack for the Soul
thinkerlady Books > Lottery Rose
The Lottery Rose, a story about the life and love of a child
tipu Books > The Pinball Effect
T-pini•n: a Choose Your Own Adventure® book for adults
viper1963 Chain Restaurants > McDonald's
True Meaning of Happy Meals™ - Helping Hands Write-Off
wavesandshells Trail Blazer
GEW for Helping Hands
wickedgood Family Values
In for a Penny - In for a Pound; the Helping Hands Write-Off
wildbillm Chain Restaurants > McDonald's
Good Service?Depends (Helping Hands WO)

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