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MeySoft Banner Manager - Version 1.0F   [ Free Version ]
                           Last Update: Wed July 9, 1997
                                  Copyrightę1997 MeySoft

[ See note near the bottom for frequent problems ]

This version has been redesigned. The variables that
need to be changed are located inside a library file
now, called which will reside in your
cgi-bin with the other scripts.

All of the instructions pertaining to each variable,
are listed directly beneath the variable declaration
in that library file.

All of the database and style directories are created
automatically when you run the 'Create Style Databases'
from the admin.html form.

The most important thing to remember, is the style list
values in the admin.html form MUST MATCH the slist in
the, or nothing will work. (NOTE: The 
previously required dash '-' in the slist has been
removed and is no longer required.)

Another important thing to do first, is check the
perl path. The default setting is #!/usr/bin/perl and
if yours is different, you must change it in all of
the scripts, including the file.

STEP 1. Edit all of the variables in the
	file. Upload ALL of the cgi files and the
	to your cgi-bin. chmod 755 *.cgi

STEP 2. Run the pwgen.cgi to create your admin password. Call
	it this way:

	Substitute PASSWORD with your desired password.
	After 'Created OK' appears, delete the pwgen.cgi
	from the server so noone can overwrite your password.
	NOTE: The cgi-bin needs to be writable to create it,
	so chmod 757 or 777 prior to running, then chmod 757
	or 755 after complete.

STEP 3. Run the 'Create Style Databases' from admin, on ALL
	the styles you will be using.

STEP 4. Test! Test! Test!
	To simply test the scripts to see if they are running,
	load the submit.html, update.html and member.html one
	at a time and just click the submit button without any
	entries. You should immediately get an error page, which
	is the original form, and a message telling you what was
	not entered. 

	If you get a Server Error, double check the paths and 
	permissions on the directories. If you get a 404 Error
	Document not found, check your paths in the forms.

STEP 5. Submit some test banners. This will test the database 
	file creation, email notices and your return links in
	the response page.

	Also, check the stats, and do an update on each test

STEP 6. Does it work? If not, check the file for
	possible mistakes. If all looks good, email us the
	modified as a plain text file, and we
	will take a look and see what the problem is.

	If it works, start advertising!
	Be sure to let us know and we'll link your exchange
	from our site. 

 There are some frequent problems with setting up any cgi script.
 Every server is different and must be kept in mind.

 The most frequent thing I hear is "It doesn't work...".
 That isn't very helpful in explaining your problem. If you
 have problems with it, check your own work first. This version
 has been debugged about as much as it possibly can, even to the point
 of entering typos in form fields purposely, to see what happens.

 Start out with the Web Developers Virtual Library
 at and look up CGI and Authoring. Then go to the
 perl home page at where you will find more info
 on perl than you could ever want. Or better yet, buy a book! Look at
 O'Reilly and Associates for the Camel book and variations at

 We will be adding a FAQ sheet for these scripts soon, also.
        CGI Questions:
Trouble with our site:

           Gratuities: Jeffrey L. Meyer
                       RR6 Box 56 / Bee Barn Road
                       Brattleboro, VT 05301-8500 USA
Good luck with your new banner exchange!!!