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(Last Updated 2/15/03) How To Choose Free National ISPs

*Please read all offers carefully. Long distance charges may apply.

Many of the free internet service providers have discontinued their free services over the past couple of years. There are a few left out there though If you know of any completely free internet service providers, please let me know so I can post them on this page. Get FREE dial up Internet access with NoCharge! NoCharge has many access numbers in Western Washington including Seattle.
(Added 2/15/03)
Her ISP is The Free Internet Service Provider For Women. Just For You! Her ISP offers unlimited dial-up (up to 56k) Internet access (and free webmail accounts) to everyone.
(Added 2/15/03)
Access 4 Free Each month you get 10 hours FREE $1 for each additional hour will apply The maximum you may be charged per month is $10 for unlimited Internet.
(Added 2/15/03)
They always have free internet access promotions. You can get free internet time from them by trying out their service.
Alachua FreeNet is a community supported & sponsored system in Gainesville, FL which gives access to the Internet and community resources to more than 10,000 people. Signup online.
(Added 2/15/03)
dotNow! Internet Access gives you UNLIMITED time. Gets "Top 5" from PC Today and Smart Computing! CNET gives dotNow! highest score among all national low-cost ISPs!
(Added 2/15/03)
NetZero now charges for intenet access, but at a great price. The Month-to-Month is Plan - only $9.95 a month! Less than 1/2 the cost of AOLŪ, EarthLink or MSN*!
In addition to those listed, check with your local library for information on local access which may be available in your area.
Great Lakes Free-Net (telnet) and other telnet services can also come in handy

NEW! What You Should Know About Dial-Up Internet Service

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