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Secrets to Choosing the Right
Affilliate Program
for Your Website

There are virtually thousands of programs on the web today. Some are good, and some are not nothing but scams. Before you sign up for any program, you absolutley MUST read the terms of service agreement. Just because a program offers 20 cents per click, does not necessarily make it better than one which offers 2 cents per click through.

Let's say, for instance, that you are the webmaster of a small website. Your monthly traffic is around 500 hits. Of these 500 hits, maybe 200 are unique hits. Assuming that 5% of your visitors click on your banner (this is a much better percentage than you are likley to get) you have a total of 10 unique hits for a grand total of $2. which you will lose at the end of the month because the fine print reads that you must accumulate the $100 in a given month.

Program #1 Offers 20 cents per UNIQUE click through. Payable once your websight has acumulated a minimum of $100 in a given month.

Program #2 Offers 5 cents per click, paid when your total reaches $10, and is rolled over each month if you dont reach the monthly minimum. Using the same 500 monthly visitors from program #1, you would have accumulated 25 cents during the month. Since your comission rolls over from one month to the next, it would take you 40 months to reach your $10 minimum. It may not be much, but 40 months is better than not at all.

Given the above examples, you would need a minimum of 2,500 visitors (In 1 month) before you ever got paid for program #1, or a total of 20,000 visitors before you get a check from program #2.

Program #3 Offers you comissions based on sales or based on leads. For these programs, ask yourself if the product or service they are selling is something people will buy. Is the price reasonable? What about the quality? These are important questions to ask yourself. If your first reaction tells you that it is a substandard product or that the price is outrageous, your visitors will probably feel the same. Some programs will pay you for ezine subscribers, new affiliates for their programs, users of teir free services. You have a much better chance of giving something away than selling something. These are my favorite programs.

I am associated with a number of programs, and my best performers have been ones that I joined for free, and for the most part, paid me comissions on free products and services rather than sales. If you would like information of specific services, please Email Me and I'll try to help you out wherever possible.

Also, if you sign up under me for any of the many programs which I belong, let me know which program and your user id. Once I have verified this information I will be happy to offer my services wherever needed. This includes site promotion, website help, banners, etc. If you dont see it on the list and need help with it, Email Me and let me know what you need. If I cant helf you, I can probably at least point you in the right direction.

Remember that some insist on being the only banner on the page. Others dont allow you to link from any page that you dont register with them. Some demand that their ads be placed in certain locations on your page, Some dont allow frames.Still others disallow banner exchanges, sites with less than 100 hits per day, and other restrictions. Whatever you do, be certain to read the fine print before you sign any agreement. You never know what might be hidden in the fine print. You never know what you might find.

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