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Make A Free Donation to Those In Need

Last Updated 6/27/2000

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The Hunger Site
Click their link and each sponsor will donate 1/4 cup of food to help feed the hungry. It may not sound like a lot, but it adds up. Please help save these kids from starving to death. All it costs you is a moment of your time.

Donates to several charities by clicking on their links. It costs you donthing to donate to help the needy. You choose which cause you would like to support with your clicks. Help one or all of several worthy causes.
Click Here for Auto donation
(makes 20 donations to all 8 causes)

End Cancer Now
From this website, your click will donate funds for cancer research. The goal of this site is to help find a cure --
to end cancer now
save, protect, preserve wilderness, and rainforest for free!

Peace For All
The goal of this website is to promote peace
Help Fight Cancer for Free!'s Race For the Rain Forest
Every hour, six species are lost forever - By clicking the "Save the Rain Forest" button daily, you generate a donation to protect rain forest
You should check out's charity drive.
After you register and choose your favorite
charity, will donate money every time you
add a website (50 cents),
rate a website (2 cents),
or refer a friend ($1).
It's simple, quick, and easy.

Also, when you register at Zeal and mention my email address (, Zeal will give $1 to my favorite charity!
donate to charity by searching the Web and never pay a single penny

Aid For Kids - Donate for Free!
Order Free Stuff and give to charity! When you order Free Stuff from our site, the proceeds go to Children's Charities. It doesn't cost you a cent...

Click FoME
Free donations to help feed the hungry at a mouse click!
Save a child's life with a simple click

End Aids Now
Aids Research
Make Your Choice of Several Causes to Support
Victims of natural disasters

Charity Frogs
Helps the Red Cross

Children Emergency Organization
Buy Medicines in the third world

Dona Gratis
The organization is diferent each month

End Homeless Now
Help End Homelessness

Construction of a safe house for beaten women

The Humanitarian Site
International Organization of volunteers

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Do You Know Of Another Resource?
If you know of any more resources where you can make free donations online, please let us know by adding it to our board

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