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Make Your Dreams Come True
Last Updated 02/02/2000

You can Make Your Dreams Come True!
How do I know?
I'm doing it right now.

Make Your Dreams Come True!

You dont have to have all of the answers, just the important ones, and things will begin to fall into place. All you need to do is to follow the simple steps I've outlined below.

First you must determine what it is you want from life. Think of several goals - some large, and perhaps some small. It doesn't matter what it is, as long as it's is something you really want. If you can see it, you can believe it.Think about what it is that you want, no matter what the cost, and write it down. It's not real until you put it in writing.

Once you have made a list of several goals you would like to obtain, the next step is to determine what it will take to reach these goals. What must you have? More time? More money? Break it down to specific goals. How much will you need to earn each month? Each year?

What will it take to achieve these goals? How much time are you willing to invest? How much money? How much effort? You've got to want it bad enough that you are willing to give the effort to achieve it. Don't expect instant gratification. It may take some time. Depending on your goals, it could be weeks, months or even years. You must be persistant and not give up to easily.

The final step is the faith to persist. Trust in God to provide for your needs. I'm not saying to go out and blow your last dime, expecting that God will pay the bills for you. What I am saying is to put your faith in God, and trust his wisdom. Pray for wisdom, and don't be afraid to try something new. The advise I got from my family was to not trust internet opportunities. They are new and unproven, yet I had faith and have earned enough through these programs to supplement my income substantially. Although I am not earning enough to retire on, if I continue on the path I have chosen, I will be making more through my internet ventures within 6 months, than I was making before my accident, without working 40-60 hours outside of my home.

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