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The PowerLinx Project
Visitors! Here is a selection of 5 cool sites for your enjoyment!
Webmasters! Get Over 20,000 Hits To Your Web Site a Day For FREE!


Are you looking for an free and powerful way to increase traffic to your web site? Wanna try something new? You have come to the right place. The PowerLinx Project is a 100% FREE co-operative advertising program started on March 22, 1999 at with the goal of driving over 20,000 hits per day to participating web sites. Simply put, by participating free in the PowerLinx Project, your banner will be displayed on over 50,000 sites permanently! This is an all new, all powerful online marketing concept that succeeds on the facts that (1) most Internet users rely on links and banners as their second most favorite way of discovering new sites to visit (2) co-operative advertising is the most affordable (zero dollars!) and fastest spreading form of advertising on the Net! For more details and to get started right away, see the instructions below. It's easy!

Here are 5 Cool Sites for your enjoyment!

New Era Marketing Submitting is good. Positioning is EVERYTHING!

Web Position Analyzer

Internet Marketing Center

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The System is very simple. That is why it produces such great results. It is free and open to all sites! By displaying a total of 5 banners on one page on your site, in a few months you will have your banner displayed on a minimum of 50,000 web pages! Have you ever wondered how those chain letters you get in your mail spread so fast around the world? Well, this program is built on that principle, except that this is a legitimate cross-advertising venture. By everyone participating, everyone benefits greatly! Unlike the chain letters, no money changes hands here, but value is built at enormous rates. It is exciting, effective and has great popular appeal! It uses the same powerful concepts and motivators that make joint-venture marketing and MLMs so effective at covering large markets fast and affordably. To get started:

1. Save this web page on your computer and upload it to a location on your web server. Save it as explode.html - or any other name you want - explode.html is just more exciting! Do not worry about saving the images - they will be fetched automatically from their owners' sites.

2. Remove the banner in the FIFTH (last) position, move the others down and place yours in FIRST position. Make sure your banner graphic uses your full URL address and not a directory on YOUR SERVER! Graphics will not be transferred with the program otherwise.

example: Your graphic source should be like:

<p align="center"><a href=""><img src="" alt=" Submitting is good. Positioning is EVERYTHING!" border="0" WIDTH="468" HEIGHT="60"></a></p>

And not like:

<p align="center"><a href=""><img src="images/spadv.gif" alt=" Submitting is good. Positioning is EVERYTHING!" border="0" WIDTH="468" HEIGHT="60"></a></p>

Using Microsoft FrontPage? Watch out if you are using FrontPage as your web design tool. If you open this page in it, it may change the image source references (that is the '<img src="...' tags) or the width and height values. Make sure you verify that it does not do so and correct these tags manually if it does change them.

Note: Be honest and fair - use this program as advised here. Do not replace other banners with your own except for the last banner as instructed above. Avoid the temptation to have more than 5 banners on your page. Any of these actions will ruin your chances of success since the webmasters picking up your page will notice these attempts and make their own adjustments which may not favor you. Let's keep it simple and fair everybody!

3. Put a BIG link from your main page (or a page with heavy traffic) to your explode.html. You'll want EVERYONE to see this link, so make sure it's prominent. The more people who get to see it, the better for you. If you can, put it in many popular pages.

4. Please keep this page simple. You may change the colors if you want, but please do not add any navigation links, images and buttons (except for your banner as explained above). If you add these, it will just complicate the page for the other webmasters and your images won't load when placed on other webmasters' sites.

Get Over 20,000 Hits To Your Site a Day For FREE! Join the PowerLinx Project!

Remember... just a few good visitors to your explode.html page could result in your banner being displayed on HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of sites all over the Internet!

That's It!

How It Works

Many webmasters and web site owners will visit your site and join the program. They will rotate your banner to the second position. Webmasters who visit their sites will do the same. By the time your banner rotates to 5th position you will be on a minimum of 50,000 sites in a few months!

For example, assume only 15 webmasters visit your site and join. Let's also assume each of those 15 web pages are also visited by 15 webmasters who join and the cycle continues until your banner cycles through fifth position.

The Result is: 15x15x15x15=50,625. Your Banner is Displayed at 50,625 sites! And these links are PERMANENT! They will continue to drive traffic to your site forever! It's Free, It's Quick, It's Easy and it Produces Amazing Results! And that is assuming that only 15 webmasters will participate at each stage. Most likely, the number will be much higher! It uses the same powerful concepts and motivators that make joint-venture marketing and MLMs so effective at covering large markets fast and affordably. It is a legitimate co-operative marketing venture that will cost you nothing and award you a whole lot!

Best wishes in your online business!

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