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Last Updated 2/21/2001


If you are serious about making money on the internet, check out the places listed on this page. These companies will pay for your time on the web. Some pay you to surf the web, some pay you to visit websites, some pay you to read email, some pay you for referals. All are free to join and most can be used in combination with others. You can surf as usual only their viewbar displays banners while you are surfing.

Some display the bar on the bottom of your screen, some at the top, and some display in the upper right corner of your screen. You can close the viewbar as desired, and reopen it later if it interferes with any of the pages you are trying to view.

Also included on this page are places where they pay you to read email. You can limit the amount of mail you will recieve when setting up your profile with these companies. Join as many or as few of these programs as you wish then you can start raking in the checks. I've joined several programs and will keep you informed of my experience with them.

Epinions is a wonderful place to earn a few extra dollars by writing product reviews. All you need is $10 in your account to cash out and I'm earning more than that every week now by writing product reviews and referring other members. The more product reviews you write, the more you can earn. Simply review products and services you use every day, and reap the rewards! Check out some of the reviews I've written on Jam Cam Digital Cameras, Michigan's Adventure, or eXTReMe Tracker just to name a few. Or join and start earning money today! Each page view of your review will earn you 1-3 cents, plus you also earn bonuses on reviews based on the number of visitors who use your reviews to help make a buying decision. This may not sound like much, but it really does add up. You also earn money for referrals, and the best part is that they really do pay!

(If you sign up for any of the programs I've reviewed, please come back and
sign up through me since referral links are not allowed on the site)

Sign up for DeltaClick today! Currently, you can earn a maximum of $1.00 in a single day from visiting sponsored links. There is no limit to how much you can make from referrals. New users also earn a one-time signup bonus of $5.00.

This company is currently allowing people to sign up, and they will then be rolling out the application (the thing that allows you to make money) within a few weeks. They will pay you .60 per hour to surf the web plus you get paid when your referrals surf too.. They will be allowing people to start on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you are interested - you will want to sign up now. Though they arent paying yet, now is the time to get referrals because once they start paying, you will be set up to earn lots more money.

You get paid $ .50 per hour for your own surfing, $ .10 per hour for your Direct Referrals, and $ .02 per hour for your Indirect Referrals, 5 levels deep

Every time our bar is active and/or pop-up window is displayed you earn ad points. Based on the number of your ad points you get paid every month. If you check the opt-in email box included in your registration form you will start receiving commercial emails from our corporate sponsors. For each received email you will get 5 to 10 ad points. If you sign-up for any of the listed programs you will receive up to 500 ad points from Spedia that can be converted to cash. You can refer as many relatives and friends as you want. Your take is 25% of the ad points they generate through their participation in the Spedia program.

Make Cash on the Net

They pay you $0.50 for every 10 personal visits, $0.20 for every ten visits of those people with the tracker active. And they pay you also $0.10 for indirect referrals (those made by members that you referred to for three people past your original referral. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can get paid for.

After downloading their viewbar, the horizon, yoou get paid $0.60 per hour for ads you view, $0.05 per hour for the next 3 levels, $0.10 for level 4 referrals, and $0.15 for level 5 referrals. Although they are not paying yet, you can start building your referrals and earn more when the horizon is released.

Get paid $ .50 per hour for your surfing, $.10 per hour.for your direct referrals, and $.05 per hour for the next 4 levels. Currently they only pay for 25 hours per month, but there is no limit to the amount of referrals you can get.

They pay you $1 an hour for unlimited hours. They pay you for 6 levels of referals. Their viewbar is very small and available in 4 weeks.


Earn Points for travel, accommodations, recreation and merchandise from the brands consumers trust, such as - Eddie Bauer, Blockbuster, Vail, Marriott, Carnival Cruise Lines, Spiegel, SONY, Hyatt, Aspen, Hertz, Barnes and Noble, Olive Garden, and more!

Join the MyPoints Program. Earn free rewards!

You earn 500 WebBonusMiles today by signing up for a free earlybird membership PLUS you can now earn miles for visiting & purchasing from any one of our partner sites!After you have joined, you can earn hundreds of WebBonusMiles by telling your friends about this offer. Your friends will thank you, plus we will give you 250 extra WebBonusMiles for each new member.Two WebBonusMiles are equal to one air mile

Please enter and use my e-mail address as your referral.

Revenue Program 1 - Getting paid to read your email
You will be paid 3 cents for each email you received, and 1 cent from each email that your referrals receive up to the 3rd level of referrals.
Revenue Program 2 - Getting paid to be online!
You get paid 50 cents/month for all your referrals that uses our dial up services.To start getting paid, you'll need to either be using one of our ISP services yourself or you are a Community Plus member.BR> Revenue Program 3 - Get paid to surf the web!
You'll be paid 50 cents/hour while your ad bar is activated. You'll be paid 10 cents/hour that your direct referrals view their ads, and 5 cents/hour for the other indirect referrals. The maximum hours you can view the ads is set at 40.
Revenue Program 4 - Community Plus
The Community Plus membership fee is only $40 and it's a lifetime membership! As a bonus, and to allow you to re-cover your membership fee, you will also earn a commission of $10 for every one of your direct referrals who becomes a Community Plus member; so in no time, you would have recovered your membership fee and more!

get paid



Join CashSurfers - Signup, download the CashBar Navigator (TM), and start earning points today!

. Get paid for doing absolutely ANYTHING on your computer!!! PLEASE ENTER MY REFERRAL ID - kelly60

Join CASHMAP.COM and Earn Map Dollars for responding to free offers, visiting web sites, conducting research, and shopping online. No adbars to take up space and clutter your screen, just the opportunity to earn cash and gifts.

NEW - Get paid for email program

Visit Win a $1000 plus earn cash and prizes!.(Available Worldwide)

American Consumer Opinion - Typically earn $3 to $10 per completed survey. (Available worldwide)

At NPD Online Research You can win cash and prizes for completing surveys.

Do You Fly? Check out this new site --

NFO members are instrumental in designing the products and services of tomorrow. Plus You Can Earn Money and Win Prizes Just for Giving Your Opinion.Please be sure to mention my membership # 8055935 when joining :o)

With ClickDough, you can earn 50% of the advertising revenues, plus you earn commissions for 8 levels of referrals. ClickDough sounds like a promising program, with high payout possibilities, ease of use, unlimited earning potential, and compatable with any browser. I'd say this one looks like it could be a winner. is based on the use of their search engine and a keyword seach system that suggests their sponsors when a user surfs to related sites. The surfer is paid on a per cick or per impression basis rather than requiring surfers to have a 'viewbar' open in order to earn cash

GoThruUs will pay you US $1 for every new person who signs up using your UserID up to a maximum of US $50. In addition, you are also entitled to the earnings from our ongoing Referral System. You benefit when you refer new people to our web site and you also benefit when YOUR referrals refer new people up to 5 levels down. You get paid US 0.1 when any of these referrals view a full-screen ad.

Level Current Payout
Direct $0.10/hour
Indirect1 $0.05/hour
Indirect2 $0.05/hour
Indirect3 $0.05/hour
Indirect4 $0.05/hour

Surf the Web Without Searching!

The iChoose alert saves you money and time when you shop online for books, music, computer hardware and software, toys and movies. Save up to 40% on your favorite online purchases. For more information, click here. Once you are a member, you can Refer a Friend and Get a Free T-Shirt

Join CASH-O-MATIC FREE DOWNLINE We are a FREE Downline Club. Experience has taught us, the hard way, that in order to really truly succeed in Network Marketing you must join a Downline Club.