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Get Paid to Write Online

Last Updated 04/08/2001


If you are serious about making money on the internet, check out the places listed on this page. These companies will pay for writing online. Write product reviews, travel stories, personal stories, poetry, ideas, and more.

Join as many or as few of these programs as you wish then you can start raking in the checks. I've joined several programs and will keep you informed of my experience with them.

Epinions is a wonderful place to earn a few extra dollars by writing product reviews. All you need is $10 in your account to cash out and I'm earning more than that every week now by writing product reviews and referring other members. The more product reviews you write, the more you can earn. Simply review products and services you use every day, and reap the rewards! Check out some of the reviews I've written on Jam Cam Digital Cameras, Michigan's Adventure, or eXTReMe Tracker just to name a few. Or join and start earning money today! Each page view of your review will earn you 1-3 cents, plus you also earn bonuses on reviews based on the number of visitors who use your reviews to help make a buying decision. This may not sound like much, but it really does add up. You also earn money for referrals, and the best part is that they really do pay!

Get Paid For Your Bright Ideas!

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Sorry, Themestream has closed it's doors. Please feel free to check out some of the other great programs available for getting paid to write.




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dooyoo:Honest consumer opinions

American Consumer Opinion - Typically earn $3 to $10 per completed survey. (Most require simply checking the appropriate box. Others may require short essay type answers)(Available worldwide)

At NPD Online Research You can win cash and prizes for completing surveys. (Most require simply checking the appropriate box. Others may require short essay type answers)

NFO members are instrumental in designing the products and services of tomorrow. Plus You Can Earn Money and Win Prizes Just for Giving Your Opinion.Please be sure to mention my membership # 8055935 when joining :o)