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What do we do at LinksToYou are HTML links on other web sites on the Internet that point to your web site. They are perceived by most as a strong measurement of a domain's popularity.
Why is it important? 50% of the top ten search engines factor the LinksToYou into their relevancy algorithms when they rank your web site.  By increasing the number of links to your web site you can dramatically improve your search engine result positioning.
LinksToYou Counter Visit our LinksToYou Counter to check how many links you currently have pointing to your web site by multiple search engines. After you see the results, you can select to get a free automatic weekly report via email.
Free automatic submission to the top search engines Coming in 3 weeks. Our new option will allow you to complete our submission form only once.  We go to work and submit your web site index page and your links page to the top search engines monthly.
Free Search Engine Ranking every week via email coming Fall 1999 Soon you will be able to view how your web site ranks with top search engines for each one of five keywords stored for you in our database.  You also receive a weekly email report.  To see sample click here.


If your web site has been on the list 30 days and LinksToYou has not added at least 1000 links pointing to your web site from other web sites (The
LinksToYou Counter may take much longer since search engines must index the links), we will give you 1000 free exposures of a banner, courtesy of BannersXChange.

What we do not GUARANTEE
When and If search engines will index your web site address for each site on the list.

Free services coming soon!

Early Fall 1999 (in 3 weeks) - Optional free automatic monthly submission to top search engines. You fill out our form only once; we submit every month.
Winter 1999 - See the ranking of your web site when searching the top search engines with your principle keywords. 
Click to see sample. 

To learn more about us

Visit our Free Registration and Instructions Page to view the three easy steps on how to join the LinksToYou Program:

Visit the latest LinksToYou page with the links.

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The Golden Rules to improve your ranking with Search Engines

  1. There are no secret weapons; you must follow all the rules.

  2. Do not get discouraged. Stick with LinksToYou and upload the latest version of the Links page during the first week of every month. 

  3. Submit both your main (index.html) and Linkstoyou.htm pages to all major Search Engines at least once a month. We will do this for  you within weeks as a free option.

  4. Install keywords, title and description meta tags. 

  5. Invest in your own root domain name.

  6. Limit the size of your index page, so that your keywords are among few other words.

  7. Concentrate on the top 10 search engines with your top five keywords.

  8. Be patient; you will gain a good ranking, lose it all and gain it back again and again.


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