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Nate's Fun Stuff For Kids Page

Last Updated 06/14/2000

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Nate's Fun Stuff For Kids Page

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Fun Stuff For Kids Like Me

My Brother Zech's Page

Meet Mr_Nicey (My NeoPet) Or Get Your Own NeoPet

Visit the Screen Gems Network

Visit for lots of cool fun and games - lots of fun for kids

Arthur: The World's Most Famous Aardvark - Developed with the help and advice of Arthur creator Marc Brown, the ARTHUR site is organized into pages hosted by the series' characters, each with features that encourage kids to read and write.

Free book: Colorworm explains color. It is a science and art book about light and color. It includes the electromagnetic spectrum, visible spectrum, retina and how we see, paint colors and how they are mixed, RGB color, printers CMYK color, art history, looking at the world, storytime cut-outs, library look-ups, a glossary of art terms, and more. They'll love it, and it's free.

It's Christmas Time at Kids Domain Lots of fun stuff for kids to do here. Mazes, coloring, stories, recipies, crafts and more!

Free Sticker Sample Pack From eSticker - Register free with eStickers and get a free sample pack of Betty Boop, Alien Stickers, Butterflies, or a Professional sports pack. Great for kids and adults.

Bumper Sticker For Your Shoes Topics include Drug Prevention, Fire Saftey, Violence Prevention, Self Esteem, and More.

Xmas Tree 1.5 Decorate the Christmas tree

Dress a Snowman

Holiday Word Search

Create your wish list and recieve a Free Pokémon Movie Poster!

Kid's Corneer - Stop here for Snoopy's boating safety tips, C.G. Bear's journeys, Find a pen pal, play games, chat, educational and fun coloring and activity books, and lots more From the U.S. Coast Guard. Wonderful page for kids and parents!

Kids' Quest Coloring Book! Great pages to print out and color.

Grandma George's House - Free Graphics, Kids Stuff, and So Much More You'll Love This Site!

4Kids Treehouse - Kids entertainment, education, safety, parent resources.

Make Your Own Snowman

Play games for free!

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