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Free Pet Products and Samples

Last Updated 2/17/03

UPCO Pet Supplies Free FULL CATALOG with 200 pages of supplies, for DOGS/CATS/HORSES/ REPTILE/SMALL ANIMAL/BIRDS over 15,000 items.

SmartIDOnline The fastest, most reliable, and cost effective way to ID and recover lost property and pets. Get a FREE 30-Day Trial Today!

Me and My Pet Guide from LifeServ Welcome a new puppy. Learn the secrets of keeping your feline friend healthy and happy. Learn the true meaning of "manīs best friend" with more than 70 training and exercise tips. And, just have fun!

FRONTLINE download a coupon good for one FREE dose of FRONTLINE Plus

Free Wits End Dog Training Method Manual Doggy Do Right (and Kitty Will Too) tm is offering an EFFECTIVE, complete, non force, non confrontational, training manual for FREE!

Free dog treat samples from Yummyville sort of. We're glad to send a sample of our product to you, for free, if you try to do something in return. We simply ask that if your dog likes the free sample of Yummyville, then you'll try to order some as soon as possible, and you'll tell your friends and nearby pet-food store about us. We're a small company, so word-of-mouth is very important to us.

Free 2oz sample bottle of Mane and Tail Detangler for horses

Free Puppy Care Kit You can also share your puppy with the world by building your puppy's home page. And feel free to browse the pages built by thousands of other proud dog and puppy owners. Or you can email a puppy-postcard to another puppy lover. Or download puppy-wallpaper for your computer.

Friskies FREE sample and valuable money-saving coupons for Friskies Special Diet or Friskies Dental Diet (US only)

Sell your Anything & Everything!

Here are some favorite bird links

Christine's Free Bird Clipart I have gathered this clipart collection of birds, bees, and butterflies for you to use. These graphics are FREE and are not copyrighted.

Free Cross Stitch Patterns free cross stitch patterns of hummingbirds and other birds, as well as a bluebird alphabet, ladybug alphabet, butterfly patterns, and southwest designs.

Bird Forum Free Bird Watching Discussion Forums and Photo Gallery - Post Bird Photographs - Bird Chat and Post Messages in Bird Forum

BigNoseBird An all free webmaster's site featuring free CGI scripts, graphics, and over 300 original tutorials on all subjects important to a webmaster

A complete parrot and bird community Wonderful sight for birdlovers

Free Bird Stationery Downloads, Animations and more cool stuff

Free Graphics of Parrots and Other Birds Inca's Graphic Grotto is devoted to beautiful bird and parrot backgrounds, buttons, borders, and animations. We will update it frequently (join our mailing list to be the first to know when we do).

Free Handbook from CJ WildBird Foods For your Handbook of Garden Feeding, packed with informative and helpful advice on how to safely encourage wildlife into your garden, complete the form below. Alternatively, recommend a friend. (Only the fields marked with an * are compulsory.)

HotSpot for Birds has many informative articles on the health and safety of birds.

Parrot Parrot for Information on Lovebirds and Other Parrots. Recipes, Breeding tips, basic bird care tips, and lots more for birdlovers FREE birdhouse patterns and bird feeder plans

Free bird clipart - Visit our other network sites at and for more webmaster resources

Surfbirds has the most beautiful collection of bird wallpaper and backgrounds on the web! All the pictures have been taken by some of the world's finest bird photographers. We bring you a new bird picture as a wallpaper for your computer each month

Mike's Web Page - Free Plans Adobe Acrobat PDF Format: FREE Bird Feeder plan; FREE Bird Feeder Assembly Drawing goes with the above! FREE Bird House plan.

Free Bird Wallpaper Featuring photography of bald eagles, albatross, duck, crane, falcon, birdbird, puffin, owl ostrich and more - 1024x768 pictures

Free Bird Gifs Over 150,000 Premium Web Animations and Graphics! plus everything you need to create your own graphics & animations!

Free Bird Seed Cleaner - Remove Hulls from Bird Seed How to Make a Bird Seed Cleaner. Complete diagrams, instructions and materials list to make your own bird seed cleaner!

The Aviary - Your Complete Guide to Companion and Pet Birds Free Bird Holiday Greetings! ... Print FREE Bird Gift Tags Here's some holiday Gift Tags filled with birds and nature for your holiday gifts

FREE Bird Supplies Catalog Bird Supplies & Aviary Products Selected by Veterinarians

Help Us Educate The Bird Owning Public By Printing And Distributing Our Bird Care Fliers

Get a free sample of Vita Dreams Daily Greens from Halo Pets. Or choose one of their other free pet samples. Nature provides wild animals with access to a wide variety of leafy greens, plants, herbs and berries. Since most commercial pet foods contain hardly any vegetables (check their labels), your pets may be truly missing out.

Scott’s Birdhouse Page Free Birdhouse and birdfeeder Information and plans

Nest Box Plans and Specifications from North American Bluebird Society

Request a Free Bird Food Catalog From Lafeber Co.

Build a birdhouse with plans, bird house patterns and projects Build a bird house with easy to follow free woodworking plans and patterns, complete with materials list and illustrated instructions for the novice or expert

Sell your Anything & Everything!
American Bird Conservancy Free Magazine Offer, details on programs, grants, field guides, and more

Free Download: Bird Food Recipes collection Download free collection: Bird Food Recipes.Created with AZZ Cardfile, simple software for home and office. Free Download: Bird Food Recipes collection.

FREE BIRD FOOD SAMPLES e-mail us with the type of birds you have and give us your address. LIMITED SUPPLY

EasyFunSchool - Bird Food With the approach of fall and winter, many birds will be making their yearly migration to warmer climates. For some of you, your birds will leave, for some of us, that means the birds are about to start arriving. But even in colder climates, some birds hang around all winter. Here is a bird food that uses only ingredients found in the kitchen, to share with our feathery friends.

Limited Time Offer: Free Gift For Your Bird With Every Order from White Feather Bird Products

Bird Food/Treats Samples (Brazilia) 1-800-577-1163 Harrison's Bird Diet c/o HBD Inc. 5770 Lake Worth Road Lake Worth, FL 33463 1-800-346-0269 (they also will give you a free copy of "The Avian Caregiver" on request)

FREE SAMPLES of Harrison's Bird Foods - Please call Harrison's at 1-800-346-0269 and our support staff will gladly work with you to get you the correct sample.

Join Bird Webrings Here or just use these to find more great bird sites!

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