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Bpaid4 Giving Away FREE Services!

You have probably heard about the free $20 at $100 free get you excited?

Prepare for a real way to acquire wealth!

At the same time receive great services absolutely FREE. How hard is it to get paid to give away services that are FREE? Our members are receiving large checks everyday for there efforts. We need your help to spread the word! What could be easier?

What do you have to lose?

Absolutely nothing!

Multi-thousand dollar income and other great benefits that will cost you nothing! We will PROVE IT ... Keep reading.

Family Resource Network, Association (FRN) will pay you:
$100.00 per referral, 7 levels deep!!

Firstly, you might ask why would any company just give 100 bucks away? Well, the answer is quite simple, we are excited about our package of professional services, including prescription, dental, roadside assistance, health & life insurance. Giving away $100 per referral in addition to giving away these highly sought after quality services is far more cost effective than a national television campaign. By doing this we raise the public's awareness of services. What better way to gain great word of mouth than by giving away $100 bucks! It is working, we have given away thousands in just a short few weeks.

What is truly exciting is the amount of money you will make by joining us.

It is FREE and there is NO RISK. NOTHING TO BUY!!!


This is a fantastic opportunity that will never cost you a dime out of your pocket and yet could give you the opportunity to make thousands of dollars each and every month! It's better than free.

This is briefly how the benefit program works:

1) You are going to receive a request for a FREE benefits package sent to you by Priority mail.

When you receive this benefit package you are going to check the benefits that are best suited for you and your family. (No cost to you at all) One of those benefits offered is a life insurance policy. I personally recommend that every single one of you take the permanent whole life insurance.

2) Once the benefit package is received by the administration a payment of $100 will be paid to the person who personally sponsored you and $100 to the person right above them.

3) Next, the insurance application is sent to the insurance company and they begin the underwriting process. In the meantime when the policy does get issued a credit company has already agreed to make the monthly premium payments for you regardless of your credit history. Then this is tallied up for the rest of your life at a 12 per cent interest rate. When you do pass away the credit company will then deduct the balance they have paid for your from the life insurance policy and give the remainder to your family heirs.

This has not cost you a penny throughout out your lifetime. All of this is covered fully in your free benefits package.


In fact there is hardly any waiting involved, just 8 days from the time we get the application returned, we will send out your check!!
We are mailing checks everyday. We do not pay monthly, we pay 8 days from the day we get the referral. This is a NO BRAINER.

>>>>>>>>> You can make big bucks fast!

Now if you were to just bring in 5 people (remember it will not cost anyone a dime) and this should be easy. And they were to bring in 5 people and so forth all the way down to the 7th level. You would have 78,125 new members in your 7th level. If you were to just get paid for this you would make $781,125 just for telling 5 people who told 5 people on down.

Bonus: Now you will be paid $4.00 monthly for every person in your downline down to 7 levels deep. Folks that's over $320,000 monthly.

Above all of this the credit company will pay for health insurance, pre-paid legal or emergency assistance or other benefits you may have checked from you initial packet.

What do you have to lose?

Absolutely nothing! What do you have to gain?

Multi thousand dollar income and other benefits that will cost you nothing!

Sign up for your FREE benefit package now!

Please fill out the form below, you will be assigned an ID code. Your code will be your initials plus the last four digits of your social security number.

Please make sure all of your information is accurate otherwise you cannot take advantage of this great opportunity. Your privacy is important to us and we will not share your data without you full consent. You will receive a confirmation via email, so carefully input your information.


The income potential is enormous! * for US residents only.

To take advantage of our Free Offer, submit the following form.


Please Submit this form or email the following information.

We respect your privacy all information will be kept strictly confidential. Your Sponsor's ID# KB2732

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