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Last Updated 03/06/2000


FREE Shell Accounts!

(back to the top) - Offering unlimited free shell accounts on Sun Unix Servers. Each account includes a perm email address on one of 14 different domains. Optional services are available if needed Grex - Free Grex services: Discussion Areas Real-Time Chat Internet Email Dialup 761-3000 Web Browsing Web Hosting Unix Shell Accounts ShellYeah.Org - ShellYeah.Org offers free UNIX shells to all. Our shell services are offered on a state of the art Sun UltraSPARC that is connected to the Internet via dual DS3 connections.
Ductape is a public access UNIX system which offers shell accounts, IMAP Email, and a few other services Nether Net: Linux Box Pine, Pico, IRC (bX and ircII client) Tin for news, a Bash shell, lynx, PERL and .cgi!
Nyx is a public access Unix system that brings you as much access to the resources of Unix and the world-wide network they can allow. It is a public computing equivalent to public TV. It also doesn't take itself too seriously. Nyx is a free, public system that provides access to the Internet for users who otherwise cannot reach it. More Coming Soon Arbornet Projects M-Net is "America's First Public Access UNIX System." To connect to M-Net, telnet to or call (313)-996-4644, (set your modem to 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit). To create a new account, enter newuser at the login: prompt. M-Net offers over 125 different confrence areas, real-time chat rooms, common UNIX utilities such as compilers, E-Mail, a homepage, and WWW access via lynx all for free. Users who want further access to Internet services such as telnet, ftp, and IRC are charged a modest fee.


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