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NEW 5/27/01 Unlimited Pages Up To 20 Megs - FREE Forever! No Strings Attached! Includes 20 MB web space, FTP and web Pop Email account, Control Panel, FrontPage, Chat, Online stats, CGI-scripts collection * offers a free online business card which allows you to post your business information and a paragraph or two about your business. For a fee you can upgrade to a banner free website and domain hosting. Their hosting is reliable, though at this time, I am only using the free business card feature and sending my visitors to another of my websites through the links I have created there. This works well as a doorway page to an additional website located elsewhere. * Tripod offers Free Web Pages, Toybox, More. Although they do display a popup advertisement, you can change this easily to an embedded ad. Additionally, they even allow you to customize the ads that are displayed on your page. You can even be rewarded for getting over 100 page views per day to your website. The website is easy enough to use, and offers 50MB of FREE space! *
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Crosswinds * Escalix
Get 6mb of web space, T3 connection, Short URL, Free Message Forum, Free Guestbook, Easy to Use Account Manager, Free 24 Hour E-mail Support, EZ-Web Editor, And More!
Geocities - Free Web Pages and E-mail * You get a free website plus you can earn cash back from shopping at * Hypermart *
Focus-Asia - 2MB of Free Web Page space Cybercities - Free Web Page Fortune City - 6MB of Free Web Page Space
Dunraven WebSpawner -No limit listed - On-line editor.
123 Go Global Achievement International A La Carte Guide to North America
ALLfaiths Press Alpha Point AlternateMedia (Singapore) (Australia) BayScenes Non-Profit Page
BHI Teens (Malaysia) CurBet Communications (Virginia, USA) CyberNet (Canada)
Dairynet - Uk Dairy Industry on the Internet - provides free webpages for companies in the UK Dairy Industry as well as news and features on dairy farming Animalhouse - by and about college students and college life. Free email, free webpages, message boards, chat rooms, resume posting and more.
DataRealm Web Services (USA) Homepages for the HomeLess Hong Kong CyberCity (Hong Kong)
Internet Rockhouse Home Page Nitehawk Nonprofit Outreach Network, Inc.
Personal Development Network Phrantics Public Housing Project PowerNet, Inc.
Prairienet (Illiniois, USA) RoboWEB The Sprawl
StudentAccess 1st Home Free Web Hosting WebCentre FreeWeb
Webville An System Cybertown
CyQuest Friends World Infochase
TopCities Free Homepages 50MB No Popup Ads Internet the City Internet Yellow Pages
Magic Khanhdom Nether Net NiteHawk
Span Power Net Freebietown
Reelscreen - offers free websites to new filmmakers, broadcasts new films for free, and offers free casting, free directories, and forums to filmmakers. A1 Vacations - offers worldwide searchable listings. Owners and rental agents can create free webpages.
Free Web Page at Homepage.Com ChatTown USA Homestead -- Free Web Sites
iGuild: Free Homepages, eMail and Webmaster Resources -(20 Meg) -E-mail, Domain hosting! Barking Buddies - free webpages for dogs, stories, pictures, online games, penpals, chat, and more. -(12 Meg) - e-mail, sub-domain, ftp, counter, guestbook, tons of tools! XOOM -(11 Meg) - On-line editor or ftp, free utility downloads, mega-graphics! InterNetClub -(6 Meg) - ftp, On-line editor, guestbook, e-mail Express Page -No limit listed - On-line editor - Inhouse graphics only. Tytek
50 Megs -as the name implies... 50 Meg of free Webspace!) Bounceweb Bayside -10Mb of Free Webpages. E-mail for personal and non-profits.
MarketNet -Free Webpage (No graphics). FreeMerchant -Free Online Store-No item limit!-SSL-shopping cart-multi e-mails! GTA Tech, Inc. -Free Online store for up to 50 items!
The Free Band WebPages!
My Free
Free Webpages, Shell Accounts, and Email
Angelfire - Easiest Free Home Pages *
Gurlpages Townsquare 2000
Internet-Club On a Mission Internet In The City
NEW 5/27/01 Includes 45 MB web space, Control Panel, CGI-scripts collection, CGI, and SSI.
dot com mail, dot com biz card and Reservation Namezero offers a FREE, permanent .com (or .net or .org) domain name and domain name hosting - for life! A FREE POP and Web domain name e-mail account with unlimited e-mail aliases and multiple, two way e-mail forwarding features.
Codename Communication CONK! WebJump -(25 Meg) -No bandwidth limits, no setup fees.
Spaceports Virtual Avenue Solcities
Internations Stas Network @ Real City
VeoWeb ProHosting NetFirms
USFAZ FamilyPoint WBS
Web Host Me
Dencity B-City 50 Megabytes of free webspace
For Free FreeYellow - 5MB of Free Web Page Space
Votenet - includes a political campaigns database with free websites for candidates.


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